Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A step up… upward movement…

Fueled by high adrenaline… peaking the heart rate…

Lifting spirits… reaching higher heights…

A higher learning… progression to another level…

Rising… taking off… spreading wings… flying…

A journey towards the heavens… uplifting…

Connections that make passion rise… and hearts soar


  1. Good choices.

    A couple personal preferences:

    01 I would have preferred a grittier composition for the first shot. For me, its a bit too clean.

    02 The runner should have been captured when none of his feet are touching the ground. In that split second where both feet are off the ground and the body is propelled forward. A bit more energy in this shot would have captured the essence a bit more.

    03 The higher learning shot could have been someone taking notes or in a library, even a close up of a hand holding a pencil, jotting down notes or something.

    Everything else was spot on. But like I said, these are just my personal preferences and by no means saying that you didn't do a great job.

    Well done!

  2. very good points... especially the one about the runner. that would have made it a more energetic shot.

  3. but looking at it again, the runner is on the ball of the foot ready to launch too eh... maybe it's a down to the second thing where it should have been that second right before the foot left the ground, signaling the beginning of the upward journey. so the runner on his toes then... mid stride.

  4. Really great shots and defs guys.I saw physical, mental,spiritual and emotional..wouldve loved to see xen's choice for social elevation and q's take on that!! really impressive guys!! love it. u all take requests?:)

  5. I like the photography and the message. What's the next assignment?


  6. As always. Fantastic work. This is what art is supposed to represent. Dreams.